How to Ask Leave for Tour?

How to Ask Leave for Tour?

Asking leave for a tour you need to compose a letter. This kind of letter generally composed by parents or guardian and ask permission for traveling without a guardian. There are some best traveling places, if you are going there then you have to write a leave letter,  This letter shows the parent’s permission for their child traveling. Whatever the reason behind this traveling, one needs to compose this letter to avoid various issues like related to crossing borders, visiting dangerous and many more.

In case of asking leave for travel as a parent, you should compose a letter to high authority or principal with your child’s name, date of birth, travel date and contact number of adult companion. To write this formal letter error-free you need to follow format and writing tips. Below we give some writing tips and samples of permission letter that you can use for asking leave for tour.

Compose Permission Letter for Tour

Writing Tips for ask Leave for Tour

  • Mention the age of your child
  • Include details like the name of a child, date of travel, date of birth and contact details.
  • Mention the purpose of traveling
  • Do not make any grammatical and spelling mistake
  • Use formal and polite language
  • Include your contact details
  • Attach necessary documents with your letter

Sample Letter for Asking Permission for Tour


Below we give the sample of travel permission letters that will help you to compose the letter. Using the below sample you can easily compose your letter without any trouble and if you want another sample letter then visit website.


Michelle Smith,

33 Crane Street,

New Jersey.

3rd January 2019


Ryan Powell,

Millers Avenue,

New Jersey

Subject: Leave Request Letter for Tour

Dear Mr. Powell,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my son Allen Smith, to inform you that he has taken my permission to travel from New Jersey to Alaska on 15th January 2019 as a part of a trip at school. He is traveling with his tutor Mr. Julius.

Allen has traveled alone in this type of journey many times before this and I assure you that she will not cause any difficulties as far as discipline is concerned.

Please see my signature below as proof of my approval for the same. In case, you have any doubt related to this then please concern me without any hesitation.

To avoid any confusion and complication, I attached his birth certificate, passport, and his medical reports if required in any situation. In case of any medical emergency, please contact me on the mobile number that I provided you.

Kindly accept this letter as proof of my permission.

Thanks & Regards,

Michelle Smith

I hope you will know how to compose a letter asking leave for a tour. To compose a perfect letter, use the above-given tips and format.


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