Role Of Applicant Tracking System In HR Management

Role Of Applicant Tracking System In HR Management

With the upcoming era of work, the number of employers needed is increased. Hundreds and sometimes even thousands of applications and resumes are submitted to companies who are open to hiring. The hiring process has been made easy with the help of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Do you know what exactly ATS is? And are you aware of how it is going to streamline your process? If you don’t, read this article that explains everything you want to know about ATS.

What Is The Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that can make the process of searching and hiring applicants sooner and easier. ATS systems can help you improve your hiring process by professionally managing various activities such as job postings, screening, communicating and more.

Let’s see how organizations can utilize an ATS to fabricate the hiring process for their business.

Job Posting On Social Media Sites

Nowadays no one visits each organization to hand over their resumes in person. Everyone searches for a job online and submits necessary documents by electronic means. Posting job offers on social media sites can draw the focus of good employees. ATS can perk up your hiring process and it provides mobile-friendly job postings and on one click sharing social media platform.

Share On Job Boards

ATS can effortlessness in the process of posting on the most significant job portals. The system makes sure of the job postings to be mobile-friendly. You can by far connect with candidates right from where they are at that time.

Record Every Interview

It is extremely important to ensure that your hiring process is considerate and fair. ATS can help attain the goals by making everyone involved in the hiring process to learn about new candidates and get ready for the interviews. Recording interview notes can help hiring managers compare notes for each candidate and evaluate more equally.

Track Your Hiring Process

ATS provides you insight into how candidates navigate the application procedure and how much time each segment of the recruiting process takes. This lets you collapse uncertainties and optimize the processes where you are losing candidates.

Automated Onboarding Procedure

Automating the onboarding process liberates up recruiters’ time to spotlight on the candidate’s experience. The application tracking system makes the entire hiring process immaculate, so either you or the candidate doesn’t get wedged in any way of the process.

ATS is a core piece of software that streamlines the recruitment process and keeps a trail of a company’s job candidates. Now that you know this, the question arises, are you going to implement ATS? Ask yourself.


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