Tri Luma Cream – Proven Formula For Skin Discoloration

Tri Luma Cream – Proven Formula For Skin Discoloration

Tri luma cream blesses you free from darkened skin, freckles chloasma, age spots, blemishes, and Melasma caused by pregnancy, contraceptives, and hormonal medicines. Melasma is a condition that causes skin discoloration and uneven skin tone. Melanocytes are responsible for making melanin. Melanin is the hero that decides your skin tone. This cream minimizes the number of melanocytes present in the skin layer. Thus, by decreasing melanin, you are reducing your skin darkening. Also by bleaching your skin, it treats various forms of hyperpigmentation and takes away the dull brown color from our beloved skin.

Drug Interactions: Melasma and Hyperpigmentation


Tri luma cream is the most frequently prescribed melasma depigmentation medicine, particularly for the epidermal type. A dosage of 2-5 percent of hydroquinone in cream is recommended. After 5-7 weeks, the depigmenting effects of hydroquinone become more evident.


Tri luma cream is often recommended by dermatologists for the treatment of hyperpigmentation to depigment affected areas. The dose of 2-5 percent hydroquinone in cream is advisable and more precisely 4%. Apply it for 4-5 weeks and await results.

Guidelines For Its Application

Before applying Tri luma cream, try and test the medication on an area of unbroken skin. Check the area after 24 hours and if you develop any kind of blistering, itching, red puffy skin, then contact your dermatologist for further guidance.

First of all, wash your face with a mild or soapless cleanser. Rinse and pat dry your skin. Apply a thin layer of this medicine to the affected area and approximately 1⁄2 inch of normal-appearing skin around the affected area. Rub in well, it penetrates deep into the skin. It is appropriate to apply this 30 minutes prior to your sleeping schedule.

The directions of usage might vary from person to person depending upon their skin condition and severity of diseases. So concern your doctor before you practice its application.

However, this cream is not advisable for a prolonged period of time. Melasma usually recurs after you discontinue the usage of Tri-Luma cream. So, it is not indicated for the maintenance treatment of melisma. It can be one temporary solution or a short- term alternative.

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