5 Types Of Sweaters You Should Know

5 Types Of Sweaters You Should Know

Getting your wintery game right for winter is essential for two reasons: you want to keep warm and sweaters are fun. But before you look to down jackets and tweed topcoats, don’t skip the all-essential sweater.

When it comes to classic comfort, nothing compares to putting on a sweater. It’s like wearing a hug! Instant coziness guaranteed. There are so many different types of sweaters and even more styles and textures that make each one unique.

This sweater guide will help make attaining peak coziness as easy as lying in bed all day!

1. Pullover

When you think of a classic sweater, you’re probably thinking about a pullover sweater. Pullover sweaters are so easy to wear and style and they are definitely the most popular of all the sweater types. Pullover sweaters do not have any buttons or other closures on the front, although they might have cute adornments like sequins or embroidery.

2. Cardigan

Cardigans are a staple in every girl’s closet! While lightweight cardigans are great for layered looks throughout the year, when winter comes around, you’ll want to opt for a cardigan sweater. Cardigan sweaters are sweaters with an open front that can be buttoned, zipped, or otherwise closed. However, some cardigans just rock that open front look! Wearing a cardigan sweater over a pullover will give you maximum coziness. And, if you’re a mom you can entirely twin with your daughter with mom and daughter sweaters.

3. Vest

Sweater vests come in all forms of iterations from v-neck to crewneck to button up and more, sweater vests are arguably better at showing off layers than either cardigans or pullovers while enabling its wearer a wide range of motion. Try it out full-on Doug Funnie style with a simple tee underneath, wear it with a sport coat or even layered with a cardigan.

4. Turtleneck

When you’re ready to take your sweater game to the next level, you’re ready for a turtleneck. Turtleneck sweaters feature a high, fitted neck that typically hits an inch or two under the chin. These types of sweaters are fantastic for layering, easily providing a sleek and sophisticated look with minimal effort. Try wearing a turtleneck under a slip dress for a unique look!

5. Poncho

Another type of sweater that is perfect for winter is the poncho. Ponchos are such fun statement pieces, especially when they have tassels or other adornments. Some ponchos go all out with sleeves, pockets, and even turtlenecks! On those cold winter mornings when you wake up freezing, throw on a pair of leggings, a warm pullover, and then top it off with a cute poncho. Hopefully, this guide helped you learn more about all of the different types of sweaters. Are you ready for sweater weather now?


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