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Essential Tips For Choosing The Right Artwork For Your Drawing Room

As you are no doubt aware, that details make or break the interior design of your drawing room. Choosing and displaying the right artwork can be a momentous decision as it has the power of transforming your space splendidly. And the drawing-room is one of the best spaces in the home that deserves a generous dose of art!

To help you get started, below are 3 major reasons why art is a must-have for drawing rooms:

Improves the ambiance: It’s like the finishing touch to your drawing room. Adding character to the room, it enhances the ambiance of your space.

Great conversation starter: Art brings with itself many perceptions and elucidations that make it a perfect icebreaker when it comes to striking up a conversation.

Adds value & originality: Art invokes emotion and adds clarity. Every space is an opportunity to express personality and tell your story. A handmade wall painting art is a cost-efficient and stylish way of doing this.

Well now you know how impressive artwork can be to add that perfect finishing touch to your drawing room, apart from that, it’s important to select the right artwork.

Here are 3 valuable tips on how to choose artwork just the right way:

Be inspired: The golden rule of selecting artwork is to not stress about the decision. Choose inspirational artwork, it is a window into your personality.

Being surrounded by art that speaks to you is incredibly inspiring and can improve your own creativity. While you hope your guests will feel inspired the same way by your home’s artistic style, ultimately you want to surround yourself with art that speaks to you.

Seek Unique: Art is the most versatile medium of expression and even within a frame, one can experiment with multiple mediums.

But nothing compares really to the feeling of owning a unique & original painting that an artist spent hours upon hours creating and has a piece of them in it.

Select artwork by size and style: When it comes to wall artwork, it gets tough if you are not particular about sizing. There are certain aspects to keep in mind such as pictures/paintings should not be more than two-thirds longer than your sofa and it should be at least 15 centimeters above your furniture.

And more than anything, selecting artwork by style is personal. Choose artwork that matches the style of your drawing room, including the furniture you already have accumulated along the way, making sure that all the items in there intermingle perfectly.


There you have it, helpful tips for choosing the right artwork for your drawing room!

This post talked about how art is a very compelling form of expression not only for the artists who create it but also for those who own it & some valuable tips on how to select the perfect artwork that defines your drawing-room.


The Timeless Art of Mosaic

Art and the changing world

The 20th century has so much to offer to us. We have advanced in every field, for Science and technology to Art and crafts. There are numerous options available to you for any piece you need. The culture of celebrating and gifting as a token of love and warmth seems lost in modern times. It is highly commercialized.

The time and effort put in to think and present a personalized gift never goes out of style. Something customized and handmade will never disappoint you. Are you wondering as to what we’ve got in our plates for you? We are talking about the beautiful and very unique Art of mosaic paintings. This ancient Art originally used for the decoration of walls and pavements, but like everything else, even this Art has evolved and broadened its horizons.


Mosaic Art

Let me start by stating what mosaic Art is? It is a painting made out of irregular bits of colored pieces of colored stones, marbles, etc. these pieces are put together in such a way that each colored piece complements the other and brings the idea of the artist to life.

Love for the classic Art

Mosaic paintings are popular worldwide, and they are not to the walls and the streets. Mosaic frame is, in fact, the contemporary method of keeping the Art alive. The paintings are framed, which looks beautiful and attractive that you couldn’t resist by giving a glance or even having it.

The fusion of tradition with modernity

People in modern times are crazy about ancient artwork. The greatest of the designers these days are inspired by it, and it reflects in their work. Hundreds of years ago, who thought we would be wearing mosaic prints or would have them on our coffee mugs. It was simply an outdoor decore technique. Today, we not only have it handmade but also digitalized. Mosaics are loved and have been in demand since forever.

Mosaic is also available as an additional effect on smartphones these days. One simple click could give a normal photograph, a mosaic look. Mosaic frame is the one where these photos are framed and procured. They are widely preferred for home decor items.


Mosaics also have very deep symbolism. It is a beautiful idea where numerous incomplete pieces together come out as a complete and powerful image. Even in our day to day, lives we could relate to this. In the universe, everything is connected. We are all incomplete pieces or a very powerful and greater world. Maybe that is the reason why they say, ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’