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Things to Know Prior Before you Join Army

Joining the Army is not a child game. Before join in the Special Armed Forces, one must attend the Special Forces. In this force, you get training for various activities that help in the future when you are in the army. Here we give the things that you have to know before joining the army. We describe different elements that you should focus on during your training.

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Important Things That You Have to Know Before Joining Army

Excellent Running Capacity:

Unlike normal running, running in the military is very different because in this you have to run with a backpack. One who does not run at least 25 to 30 miles per week may suffer from knee tendonitis, foot problems, and shin splints. To join the army, you have run at least 10-12 miles at the very most. In your running capacity, time is also a very important factor that matters a lot. So, you need to complete your running as per the military time clock.

Strong Lower Back:

In the army, you have to carry a heavy backpack, logs, and injured man on your back. So, for that, you have a very strong back. For that, you have to exercise as farmer walks, deadlift, fireman carries, hang clean and body drags. So, before joining the army you have a strong lower back.


Swimming is a common and very important exercise that you have to know before joining the army. This exercise is very famous for army times. During training, you have to swim 50 meters in a pool with boosts and a uniform. If you are a weak swimmer then you get to the pool and do some laps. Because of this event, few people did not include their workout.

Strong Legs and Muscles Stamina:

At the time of training, two things may fail if you are not prepared one is your lungs and the other is your legs. During ½ miles running, you only rest with 20 squats and 20 lunges. IF you want to join the army then try to repeat up to 5-6 times over time depending on logical evolution. You can also try ¼-mile lunge walk in during your training and prepare yourself for a lunge walk around your training area.


Though you are good, fastest, and the strongest person who is physically fit, but if you select the wrong team player and your attitude towards your team is not good then you are not eligible for the army. So, approach your teammates’, other colleagues, with the right attitude at the time of learning new skills.

Ruck Running:

Army training is all about time and moving from one point to another point. For that, you need to move one point to other points in minimum time with the ruck. For that, put 45lbs in your ruck and move 4 miles in given military time i.e. 35 minutes. To check time how much distance you cover during running use our military clock. IF you successfully cover this distance then you are eligible for the army.

So, all the above-given things are very helpful to join the army. If you want to join the army then you should know all things before joining the army.