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Uses of Emojis in your Business SMS

Emojis are mostly used for the fun aspect of messaging. Many of us enjoy a lot of emojis while messaging. Nowadays more than 92% of people are use emojis in their daily communication. Because of their fame emojis dictionary has been expanded to 2823 emojis including different animals, facial expressions, objects, faces, and many more.

In today’s digital world, emojis are used at almost every place, but some businesses do not know how to use emojis and how emojis are beneficial for their business to increase conversion rates. If you are one of them who are not using emojis in their business SMS then here we give the reason why you need to use emojis in your business SMS.

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Why you should use Emojis with your Business SMS?

Build a strong relationship with the customer:

Emojis are generally used to connect with your customer or message receiver easily in a funny way. Using thank you smiley face in your message to end the conversions, reflects that your customer wants the best from your business. By using this kind of emojis in your message, help to build a good relationship with customers and encourage the customer to communicate with your team again.

Clarify your message properly:

Generally, conversions over phones, emails are easily lost without using visual aids like facial expressions. Without using any visual aids in the message, you will be lost the content. Generally, all business SMS are suffering from this because they are only using text in their messages rather than visual aids. This is why some of the companies easily convey their message to their customers and get success in the business world.

To alleviate tension:

We take emojis almost all the places via our phone and emails. But sometimes customers do not want to use any other communication media than SMS. So, in this case, you must have to communicate with your customers via media that your customer prefers. In the case of a tense situation, you can use emojis rather than text to lighten the situation and to convey your message.

To show you are a human being:

As we know, we can easily carry emojis via our phones. People use emojis in their communication when they talking with their friends and loved ones via phone. Emojis are like human faces and just like human they can also share different expressions, which means that people who use text in their message need to highlight that they are people, not bots.

In your message, you can use your personalized signature that shows the person. But if you use laughing emojis or fun emojis then it will create a negative impact on business.

Help to boost waiting time:

Compared to text, emojis are reduced your waiting times while communicating with your customers. At the time to wait for your customer response, rather a text if you use emojis then it will help to minimize waiting time and help to get the best answer from the customer as soon as possible. If you want to use a symbol like a cross finger in your message then you can copy from lennyface.me

By reading the above article, you will get to know why emojis are useful in business messages rather than text. So, if you are one of those who do not use emojis in your message then start using emojis in your message.